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Hunting Season Extension in Southern Zones

Last Fall, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced a proposal for a special week of hunting during Christmas Week for longbow, compound bow, and muzzle-loading deer hunting in the entire Southern Zone.

This has a direct effect on the snowmobile industry and local clubs. After the NYSSA's significant engagement with the Department, including the submission of formal written comments from various NYSSA members, we hoped all our messages would be heard.

In addition to NYSSA’s objection, over 1,000 additional comments were submitted in opposition to DEC’s proposal. As an industry, NYSSA and local clubs alike have worked together to fight this “special” hunting season, which may end up being disastrous for snowmobiling in the vast majority of New York State.

Regardless of our significant efforts, to our shock and disappointment, the DEC released the formal adoption of the proposal in the February 17th issue of the State Register.

Since yesterday’s release, NYSSA has engaged with the DEC Commissioner’s Office to discuss potential mitigation strategies, such as a limited pilot season affecting a limited portion of the Southern Zone where snowmobiling occurs less frequently.

While the adoption of the regulation is upsetting to our entire community, the fight is ongoing, and the NYSSA has promised to keep their members updated in the coming months.

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